About our Club
Most people think of Toastmasters as a way to improve speaking in front of groups. While that is an important benefit, most Toastmasters do not aspire to be a platform speaker.
Toastmasters is much more than that. Giving speeches does help you become prepared and organized. However each Toastmaster meeting has a variety of speaking opportunities that help professionals express themselves more powerfully and concisely whether in a formal presentation or in an impromptu setting -- thus helping develop effective interpersonal communicating skills with customers, bosses and co-workers.
Being a good impromptu speaker makes you appear smarter, more poised and able to handle difficult situations. This allows us to become more successful as we gain confidence in our ability to communicate effectively in a wide variety of situations. In short, Toastmasters gives us a competitive advantage in our professional careers.
When evaluating a club look for one that has other professionals you can relate to and network with. A size that will allow you to speak and participate in the other activities. A membership made up of beginners and experienced Toastmasters so you will be able to learn from both. A club where you will get insightful evaluations.
The FCBC FV Speech Club provides all of these benefits.