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For me the Toastmaster experience is invaluable. Firstly, it gives me the opportunity to practise speaking and experiment with new ideas in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Secondly, it gives me the chance to learn so much from others, whatever their level of expertise. And thirdly, it means I spend time with real people who enjoy life. What better way to share this journey?
Paul, Bedford

Are you scared of speaking in public? Nervous about that Best Man speech? Worried about making presentations at work? Then you've come to the right place!

Since 2006, Bedford Speakers has been helping people in the Bedford area to improve their public speaking and leadership skills. We aim to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.

How does it work?

We have a ‘learn by doing’ approach. Our members work through a programme of ten speeches designed to develop a variety of public speaking skills, and also carry out a variety of other meeting roles to practice skills such as listening and giving feedback. Each member works at their own pace – some people like to throw themselves into giving speeches straight away, while others prefer to spend some time attending meetings and carrying out smaller roles to build up their confidence.

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Want to know more about us?

As well as browsing this site, you are welcome to come along to any of our club meetings at no charge, where you'll get the chance to meet our members and see what happens at a typical meeting. Directions on how to find us can be found here.

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#BedfordSpeakers #Toastmasters #PyjamaNight 🎉🌐🌃💫🌛🌟💤🗣🎊

Obama once said 'Prince George showed up to our meeting in his bath robe. That was a slap in the face. A clear breach of protocol.' It seems to me he was quite impressed by Prince George's bold move.

As always... public speaking should be at its best regardless of circumstances and attire, therefore let's show our potential in a unique and fun way!!!

Warm blankets, favourite pillows, comfy victorian bed pom pom hats, themed ties or even onesies are most welcomed at our next meeting.

Our theme is Pyjama Night and in addition to our usual enthusiastic and professional approach we hope to bring colour and entertainment into our evening.

The meeting will run as usual save for the added twist of a Pyjama Night.
Looking forward to a fun and sleepless night!!!

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Danielle coming to next Bedford meeting. Arranged to met there. ...

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Enjoyed an entertaining and educational day at the Division G Autumn Conference. Sadly missed Teresa Dukes' keynote, but learnt a great deal from Freddie Daniells about evaluations and body language (among other things). Was privileged to see Richard Foster-Fletcher and Danielle "you can't prepare for table topics" Hillery in fantastic form representing Area 44 and winning through to the District finals in the Humorous Speech contest and Table Topics contest respectively. Very well done to both - thoroughly well-deserved! ...

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Clean Sweep for Area G44 at Division G conference. Danielle wins topics, Richard wins Humorous Speech. ...

Area G44 Clean Sweep Danielle Hillery (Northampton) wins Table Topics and Richard Foster-Fletcher (Eldergate) win Humorous Speech. WhooHoo. Next stop the Finals in Dublin.

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